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"The Link Between What You Need        
To Know And Where You Want to Go"     

Welcome to Econtii Music Group (EMG), where we take pride in providing the link between what YOU need to know and where YOU want to go.


EMG is a business and entertainment consulting firm based in Atlanta, geared towards assisting professionals who are seeking project guidance in building their small businesses and/or individuals who need resources or guidance in the entertainment field. EMG specializes in legal research, branding and connecting you to the resources you need in the entertainment industry.


The entertainment world is a multi-billion dollar industry that reaches people all around the globe. This includes entertainers, athletes, creators and even those who work behind the scenes. Each individual is connected to the next, by their shared passions--creating art that is meant to be enjoyed around the world.


EMG wants to make sure that these same individuals are knowledgeable about the law relevant to their craft, know how to successfully brand themselves and have the opportunities to network with other industry professionals who can provide additional services that can help grow and strengthen their career.


Not sure where to start? That’s why we are here. E-mail us. We want to help guide you and make sure you are surrounded by the right people who can keep you moving in the right direction.


Portia Mazone

Portia Mazone, MASS, J.M.

Owner/Creative Director

Econtii Music Group


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