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George Floyd, an African American man, was murdered by Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis Police Officer and three other officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as bystanders recorded on their smartphones.

Floyd’s violent death, combined with other recent tragedies including the death of Georgia’s Ahmaud Arbery and Kentucky’s Breonna Taylor, protesters took to the street to call for justice.

Initially, demonstrations started out peacefully. Unfortunately, these demonstrations quickly turned violent with destruction to follow. Buildings burned, stores ransacked, and people arrested for protesting an injustice system that oppresses black and brown people in America.

As a native of South Minneapolis, Portia Mazone-Carroll, Owner/Creative Director of Econtii Music Group (EMG) has a personal connection to the recent events because she was raised on the same streets that were burning. During the civil unrest Portia suspended her services at EMG, to fully commit her resources to aid in the efforts on the ground in the Twin Cities.  

Currently located between Georgia and Minnesota, Portia is working overtime to advocate for justice against the unlawful killings of black and brown people. With strong community ties to local leaders in Minneapolis-Saint Paul and Atlanta, she is working to collect donations and distribute the money to those who have been affected by the recent protests.

If you know families and/or black owned businesses directly affected, please email EMG at info@econtiimusicgroup.com. 

If you are able to donate, this is what your donated funds will be used for:

  • To provide bail for peaceful protesters who are wrongfully arrested;

  • Employ essential workers to help deliver groceries and medical supplies to individuals directly impacted in the black community;

  • Employ clean-up crews to help clean up the damages done to black-owned businesses;

  • Purchase essential items for the homeless who live in the areas directly impacted by destruction; and

  • Purchase supplies needed for community leaders, allies and volunteers working on the front line.

Interested in Donating? | See Below :

If you would like to further aid in the efforts on the ground, please see additional trusted organizations in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area: 





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Atlanta, GA, 30345

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